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5 Best Mountain Biking Backpacks in 2023

Are you a mountain biker looking for a backpack for a two-wheeled ride in the mountains? From the best overnighter to the lightest biking fanny pack, you’ll find all the features you’re looking for for your next trip out on this list.

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Scroll down if you know what you’re looking for, or check out the answers to these common mountain biking backpack questions.

Why Use A Biking Backpack?

Every mountain biker knows just how much stuff is required on a mountain biking trip. From plenty of water and snacks to a repair kit and hand pump, there are just certain things you don’t want to be left out in the great outdoors without. A made-for-mountain-biking backpack will offer the comfort, security, and unique necessities no biker can go without on high-powered mountain treks. 

How to Choose a Mountain Biking Backpack?

There are several elements to consider when choosing the best riding backpack for you. Largely, your choice should be dependent on the kind of riding you do. Riding into an overnight trip? You’ll need a big pack like the Osprey Manta 34 Hydration Backpack. Need speed and security for short, fast rides? The lightweight, vest-style CamelBak Chase Bike Vest or the compact and ultra-secure evoc Hip Pack Pro 3 Hydration Waist Pack will get you cruising comfortably and quickly. No matter what kind of riding you’re doing, comfort, convenience, and storage are top-notch among each of the backpacks on this list.

The Five Best Mountain Biking Backpacks

And without further ado, the five best mountain biking backpacks for every ride.

This stays-in-place hip pack is a fan favorite. It’s a lighter, smaller pack that perfectly balances everything you need on a 4-hour ride (including 3L of insulated water that stays cool throughout the ride). Thanks to the ventilated back pad and secure waist straps, this pack also offers ultimate comfort. 

Owners love the evoc Hip Pack Pro 3 Hydration Waist pack for its comfort and category-leading stability. The pack features an effective Velcro waist wraparound secured with a second buckle over the top to keep your bag in place. Reviewers say, “Unlike other hip packs I’ve tried, it won’t slip down while you wear it.” Plus, this petite pack has room to add a bladder in addition to the side pockets that can store up to two water bottles.

Get the evoc Hip Pack Pro 3 Hydrations Waist Pack

If you’re a spare-no-expense rider, the 18L Thule Rails Backpack is for you. With every bell and whistle, you’re in for a safe, comfortable, and prepared ride. This all-in-one backpack features a shoulder-strapped magnetic drinking hose for easy mid-ride access to the 2.5-liter water reservoir, a removable and light-weight Koroyd CE-certified Level 1 Back protector to distribute impact safely, a ventilated air mesh back panel, and reflective accents and an attachment for a blinky light to keep you visible wherever you ride. 

And that’s just the beginning. Other features Thule Rail owners rave about include absolute security for aggressive downhill rides and jumping, plenty of easy-access pockets for snacks and tools, a rain cover, an organized internal space, and a unique, dedicated e-bike battery pocket for longer rides.

When we say all the bells and whistles, we mean all. Thule means business.

Upgrade your ride with the Thule Rail Backpack

Unlike men, women have extra padding in the front of their bodies to think about when choosing a solid, secure, and comfortable backpack for their next ride. Not only is this stylish backpack cute and functional, but it’s also specifically made for female bodies. Reviewers appreciate the difference between the Women’s Dakine Drafter 10L Bike Hydration Backpack’s chest straps and those of other brands (despite size). 

Whether you’re a woman looking to make your long rides both functional and comfortable or you’re searching for the best gift for your riding partner in crime, this backpack will be loved by anyone. Beyond the made-for-women fit, owners rave about the lifted back, keeping a comfortable breeze between you and the pack.

This secure, 10L backpack features a magnetic clip to keep your hydration tube in place, two hidden straps to tie on any additional gear, and floating storage for a helmet, gloves, jackets, or trekking handles. The organized inner space, shoulder strap sunglasses stash, and 3L water reservoir are designed for biking but loved by owners for all outdoor treks and activities.

Ride with the Women’s Dakine Drafter 10L Bike Hydration Backpack.

This 10oz pack is lighter than light, so the weight you carry is the weight you can’t compromise on. With a removable 50oz bladder, the CamelBak Chase Bike Vest makes 2-3 hour rides a breeze. The secure, high-sitting pack features easy-access chest pockets that riders never want to go without. 

Owners of this pack love its versatility and wear it for riding and running. Additionally, its small size makes it a perfect cold-weather companion as riders can easily wear it beneath their outer layers where body heat can keep the water in the pack from freezing.

Get your 50oz CamelBack Chase Bike Vest.

The Osprey Mira (women’s) and Manta (men’s) backpacks are technically designed for backpacking, but mountain bikers are just as obsessed with this large overnighter backpack. The Manta is a 34L (aka huge) backpack with a removable 2.5L reservoir, hip pockets for easy access to snacks, phones, or other small tools, storage for trekking poles, and an integrated rain cover. If you’re a serious outdoorsman who needs a versatile and storage-centric backpack, you’ve found it.

People love this pack for its engineered ventilation system, Osprey’s Adjustable AirSpeed Suspension, that keeps weight off your back and a cool breeze on it. The adjustable sternum featuring a magnetic closure allows this hiking backpack to double as a secure mountain biking backpack. Additionally, a top pocket lined with scratch-free and heat embossed fabric allows for easy access to safely stored optics and electronics mid-ride.

The Manta’s made-for-women companion is the Osprey Mira, so you and your partner can both enjoy a comfortable overnight trip together.

Shop men’s and women’s companion mountain biking backpacks.

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