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    Coolers are great for keeping your beverages and drinks safe and cool so that you can have a sip of enjoyment during hot summer vacations. By making it easier to move around with your load of snacks and beverages, wheeled coolers have given tailgating and other outdoor activities a new twist. Depending on the interests, preferences, and financial capabilities of the users, these coolers come in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and costs.

    It might be difficult to select the top cooler because the list of coolers with wheels has become longer over time. In spite of all the advertising, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that coolers aren’t difficult. After examining more than 40 cooler types for several years, we’ve settled on the ones that are well-built, well-insulated, and suitable for a variety of activities. 

    So to begin, here are the best cooler with wheels that you need to see. Let’s take a look at our best picks.

    List of Best Cooler with Wheels

    Igloo Ice Cube Roller 60

    Igloo is a great brand to produce some of the finest coolers with wheels on the market right now. The first of their products that we’ll be looking at is the Ice Cube 60 Roller, and because of its low cost, it is a great choice to take into account. This cooler has a capacity of 60 quarts, which is more than the Coleman cooler, but because of its size, it actually contains fewer beer cans.

    This sturdy cooler, which is made of polyethylene, can be moved about more easily thanks to its two wheels and push-button-activated telescoping handle. Considering its capacity, you may be able to consume up to 72 cans of beer while traveling. Up to a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, this cooler will keep your cans dry for a good number of days.

    In case you want to share a couple of those drinks with your buddies, there are four cup slots on the top. Overall, this Igloo cooler on wheels is a good purchase and offers excellent value.


    • Strong design
    • Deep cooling
    • Telescopic handle
    • Low-cost option


    • It cannot hold any weight to put on it

    Columbia Crater Peak 50

    The Columbia Crater Peak 50, a cooler on wheels that can hold up to 50 beer cans and keep them chilled for at least 24 hours, is another choice for any quick pauses. With the removable wheels that come with this cooler, you may easily carry it about on your shoulders if you’re lighter in weight. You may easily open it and take what you need whenever you want a cold beverage or want to keep food fresh.

    It will be completely preserved, cool, and fresh. All things considered, you will have no issues buying this cooler because we believe it offers excellent performance and value for the money. We must admit that the Crater Peak, which is reasonably priced and boasts SuperFoam insulation, is great for picnics, beach days, and log drives because it is leak-proof and simple to clean.


    • Foldable and detachable wheels
    • Deep cooling
    • It can hold 50 cans
    • Leak-Proof


    • Can get loose wheels after a time period

    Vibe Element 70 Cooler

    The Vibe Element 70 is unquestionably one of the greatest coolers with wheels you can get, despite being a very expensive choice. One of the finest features is that the camouflage finish is ideal for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and fishing since it looks as amazing as it does. Along with its striking good looks, you may enjoy the cooler’s exceptional durability compared to practically any other cooler on the market.

    There are some great and top-notch features, like its built-in bottle openers, tie-down holes, integrated locking system, and heavy-duty handles. Additionally, it will be able to store ice for longer than five days, ensuring that you always have access to lots of cold food and beverages. This cooler can hold up to 110 beer cans for you beer lovers out there, but it won’t stay cold until you fill some of the space with ice.

    With ice and beer mixed equally, you could keep up to 55 cans of ice-cold beer for five or more days on a hot day. The color combination is great, and it has differences from other coolers’ vibrant colors, which don’t go with the need for excursions focused on camouflage.


    • Good beer holding capacity
    • Fantastic camouflage finish
    • Exceptional durability
    • Lifetime warranty


    • High price tag

    Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme 5 

    If you need a roomy, dependable cooler, the Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler is a fantastic choice. It can maintain ice’s freezing temperature for one week, which is quite impressive. It features bevels and angles everywhere, and a ruler and cup holders are sculpted into the lid. Additionally, the cooler is designed to allow for sufficient ease of movement and carrying. 

    It can hold up to 250 pounds and fits in the trunk of most automobiles, making it an excellent option for extra sitting. Even with 60 pounds of ice inside, our testers found the 13.4-pound empty weight of the Coleman Xtreme to be tolerable for a short distance. The drainage ports on the coolers we evaluated had the most functional impact, and since we drained these coolers up to three times a day for several days in a row, we learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

    The Coleman Xtreme features a channeled drain, unlike the majority of the other types, which made emptying considerably simpler and needed very little tilting on our part. A comparable model with wheels is available from Coleman if the weight or size seems overwhelming. In contrast to several of the company’s less expensive versions, the Coleman Xtreme has replacement hardware.

    This is a crucial point since the first part of a cooler to wear out is either the handle or the hinge, and having inexpensive replacements available means a quick fix rather than a costly new purchase.


    • Easy to move around
    • Low price
    • Easy replacement of parts
    • Cheap maintenance


    • The cup holders could use more Styrofoam insulation.

    Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Rugged A/T Cooler

    This Coleman cooler, like the other one with wheels we discussed previously, will keep your food and beverages cold for up to five days in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it has a 55-quart capacity, you can store plenty of beer, food, and other fun items in it. It has large, sturdy eight-inch wheels, which were meant to make navigating rocky terrain considerably simpler. 

    Other features of this large-wheeled cooler include a locking telescoping handle, two pinch-resistant side grips, four practical cup pockets, and a comfortable seat top that lets you rest your feet while trekking. We suggest this ice cooler on wheels to people who want to use it frequently and in challenging conditions.


    • High-quality construction
    • Sturdy wheels
    • Large size
    • Useful portability features


    • Handle lock can have issues

    Igloo Trailmate Liddup Cooler 70-Qt

    The next option that you have is the Trailmate Liddup Cooler 70-QT from Igloo. The construction quality of this large cooler on wheels is what strikes you the most. Instead of having only plastic components like lesser coolers, it contains stainless steel and aluminum components. You will love how robust this item is as well, but given the price, you would not have anticipated anything less.

    First of all, this thing is huge and can contain up to 112 cans of your favorite beer, thanks to its 7-quart capacity. Second, it has a ton of extra amenities, like a pullout detachable butler tray, LED lights that illuminate when you open it in the dark, large cooler wheels made for tough terrains, built-in bottle openers, and even some built-in fishing pole holders.

    Igloo’s Trailmate Liddup is undoubtedly a very useful cooler, but compared to the other products we have reviewed so far, it is significantly more expensive. We advise you to consider purchasing an Igloo cooler if you frequently travel into the outdoors with friends or have a long journey planned.


    • Numerous excellent qualities
    • Deep freezing
    • Easily moveable
    • Reasonably priced


    • A Little Expensive

    Milee Wheeled Heavy Duty Cooler

    The Milee Heavy Duty Wheeled Cooler has large, robust wheels that were built to withstand use on unforgiving terrain, making it another one of the ideal coolers on wheels that we are suggesting to you. They are composed of high-quality non-grip rubber and have a diameter of 7 inches. There aren’t many things as strong, durable, and reliable as the Milee Heavy Duty Wheeled Cooler if you need something a bit more heavy-duty.

    This cooler is large, a little on the pricey side, but it also performs and has many extra functions really well. The frosting on the cake includes features like locking plates, cutting board dividers, bottle openers, drink holders, and a basket. Given that it holds 80 quarts, you will have plenty of room to store both food and beer. 

    Butobviously, more beer is needed because you can always pick some berries or other items if you start to feel peckish. We are confident that this sizable wheeled cooler will provide all of the food and cold beverages you could possibly need when camping.


    • Best Build Quality
    • Heavy-duty cooler
    • Long term warranty
    • Great cooling


    • The price is very high.

    Yeti Tundra Haul Hard Cooler

    The Yeti Tundra Haul has the nicest wheels, and it is one of the best coolers with wheels on this list that you must see. For its products, Yeti is renowned for demanding a premium price that is often between a third and twice as much as the items’ real material worth. However, Yeti does occasionally set the bar in specific categories thanks to the excessive latitude it gives itself through over-engineering.

    This cooler has the impression that it can be moved on any surface without the wheels or handle becoming damaged. You believe that carrying a heavy cooler by its handles over in extended trips is impossible but this is not the case. The Tundra Haul combines the unbreakable quality of all roto-molded coolers with the best handles and wheels for easy transportation. 

    The weight of a 37-pound cooler may more than quadruple after it is filled with ice, liquids, and food. The wheels are made of a single piece of plastic rather than being hollow or weak-feeling as they are on so many other coolers. Surprisingly, while lifting this cooler by the handle, it feels similar to pushing a luxury piece of baggage around while being completely stocked with food, cans, and several pounds of ice. 

    As soon as you tip your cooler up at an angle, you should anticipate the contents to shift about a little.


    • Rigid body
    • Easily moveable
    • Great capacity
    • Bear-resistant


    • The moveable handle gets stuck sometimes.

    RTIC 65 QT Hard Cooler

    The last option that we are suggesting as the best cooler with wheels is the RTIC 65. This roto-molded cooler operates nearly identically to the other top coolers but at a much lower price. For extended camping excursions, you need a cooler that is nearly unbreakable, and you don’t mind sacrificing some inside capacity for stronger insulation. It has two drainage openings and replacement parts and is almost unbreakable.

    The RTIC 65 QT Hard Cooler came out on top among all the models, which included the highly popular cooler in terms of both price and performance. It resists ice melting for the same amount of time and is equally as durable as any of its rivals. It can easily keep ice frozen for ten days. The majority of Roto coolers are not satisfactory, and the majority of individuals do not require a roto-molded cooler.

    They are huge. They weigh a much. Due to how much insulation they have, they carry less than conventional coolers of the same capacity. Simply said, they’re not practical for the majority of everyday requirements, yet that hasn’t prevented anybody from purchasing them in record numbers.

    The RTIC 65 has enough room to fit 70 pounds of ice or 65 cans. The RTIC 65 includes two drainage openings for fast cleaning and draining, unlike a few of its rivals. If you want a smaller version, RTIC also offers a 45-quart model. The RTIC 65 is almost unbreakable, much like any other real roto-molded cooler, which makes it ideal for harsher outdoor settings.

    The RTIC 65 can keep ice frozen for 10 days while sometimes draining. One appeal of the RTIC 65 is its affordable pricing, which enables us to treat it with significantly less care than we would something as pricey or desired. It mimics the style of the majority of other comparable coolers by having rope handles with plastic tubes for grip and two rubber latches to keep the lid closed.

    One weakness of the RTIC 65, according to Gear Lab, is its rubber locks. The extreme stretchiness of the rubber latches on the RTIC gives us concern for their endurance and lifespan. We are concerned that they could somewhat sag with continued wear and get looser with time. It’s ideal for the job of hauling groceries since the strong insulation can readily endure the sun’s heat, even if the car is left parked for a whole day.


    • Great resistance to external factors
    • High-quality cooling
    • Greater capacity
    • Price is fine


    • Rubber locks are problematic sometimes.

    Buying Guide: How To Choose Best Cooler With Wheels

    There are a number of variables that can have a significant influence on the overall quality and function of a rolling cooler, much like with soft-sided coolers or backpack-style products. Five of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new wheeled hard cooler are briefly discussed here.

    Thermal Retention

    A cooler’s performance capabilities, or how long it can keep its contents cold, largely depend on the kind of insulation used to line its walls. While a cooler’s strength and durability are largely attributable to its shell material and the construction methods used to make it, its performance capabilities are also known as its thermal retention. The cooler’s gasket and closure/closing method are two additional elements that will have a significant impact on how efficiently the cooler retains heat.

    Storage Space

    Rolling coolers come in a variety of sizes, but some have walls that are noticeably thinner while still providing excellent thermal retention. Reviewing a cooler’s external measurements and comparing them to the inside space is the most effective technique to gauge this area.


    The method(s) utilized to build a cooler, i.e., how it was put together, is just as significant as the components the cooler is constructed of. You should properly look for the construction quality and analyze whether a cooler is rigid or not.

    Hardware and Components

    A cooler’s overall quality will be mostly determined by its outside design and the insulation it is coated with, but there are some minor factors that are still interesting to consider. When it comes to the overall user experience, details like the designs employed for latches, attachment points, handles, wheels, and axles may all make a remarkable impact.


    Similar to almost any other item of outdoor equipment, the materials were chosen to construct a cooler will have a significant impact on its overall quality. The most often used building materials are special polymers and composites, while there are certain outliers such as coolers created from recycled materials.


    Should I get a wheeled cooler?

    A wheeled cooler is a great travel companion, whether you’re going camping, to the beach, or having a picnic in the park. The top wheeled coolers on our list make it easy to transport food and drinks wherever you go. The following types have great insulation and keep drinks cool.

    What size cooler do you need?

    A 40-quart cooler should normally be plenty for three persons on a day excursion. A 50- to 60-quart cooler is plenty for the same people going camping for the weekend. Avoid purchasing a cooler that is overly big since food stays colder and longer in tightly packed coolers.


    This was a guide on the best cooler with wheels, in which we have talked about some of the greatest options that you have as a cooler. The discussion explains which type of cooler would be best for you based on different qualities and features. If you are still confused about the coolers with the wheel in deciding which one to go for, then here are our recommendations from which you can decide for yourself.

    Our Recommendations

    Top Pick: Igloo Ice Cube Roller 60

    The best pick you have is ICE Cube roller 60. This cooler has a capacity of 60 quarts, which is more than the Coleman cooler, but because of its size, it actually contains fewer beer cans. Considering its capacity, you may be able to consume up to 72 cans of beer while traveling. Up to a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, this cooler will keep your cans dry for a good number of days.

    User’s Choice: Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme 5 

    For most users, the Coleman 70 Quart has been found to be very useful. It features bevels and angles everywhere, and a ruler and cup holders are sculpted into the lid. It can hold up to 250 pounds and fits in the trunk of most automobiles, making it an excellent option for extra sitting.

    Value For Money: Igloo Trailmate Liddup Cooler 70-Qt

    You will love how robust this item is as well, but given the price, you would not have anticipated anything less. Instead of having only plastic components like lesser coolers, it contains stainless steel and aluminum components. It has a ton of extra amenities, like built-in bottle openers, LED lights that illuminate when you open it in the dark, and a lot more. 

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